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Well, we survived the 724 days of January. I swear, time slows down in January and February. I’m counting the days until I head to sunny southern California to get out of the cold.

I think the best thing about February is Valentine’s Day. I know it’s hokey. But I’m always in favor of a holiday that celebrates love. And I’m talking about all kinds of love. Family love. Self love. Partner love. Pet love. All of it.

And then there’s the Super Bowl (which I swear used to happen in January – right?!) I’ll be mostly watching the commercials, trying to spot Taylor, and enjoying a rare day with my kids and grandkids. If you’re looking for some yummy Super Bowl snacks, I’ve got a roundup post with links to a bunch of recipes.

For years I’ve been asking the folks at Blender Bombs for a discount code to share with you and they finally gave me one! You’ll save 20% when you shop with MY LINK and code GROWNUPDISH. Blender Bombs are pre-portioned nuggets of nuts, seeds, and superfoods that you can drop into your blender (along with fruit, greens and liquid) to turn your smoothie into a meal. They save you from having to buy (and use up before they spoil) individual ingredients like chia seeds, ground flax, nut butters, organic honey and cacao nibs.  Check out my full review if you want more info.

And if you’re feeling the need for a winter glow up, be sure to check out the new BeautyCounter products below. There’s new body butter launches tomorrow.

Tell someone you love them today! 😘
Jill xoxoxoxo

P.S. If you love a good customer service horror story — buckle up for my Best Buy rant.
P.P.S. Don’t miss the list of Things I’m Digging in February. Scroll down or read it online.

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