Things I’m Digging 2024 Roundup

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You’ve found it! You’re here! Here is a roundup of the products, books, movies, TV and podcasts I’m digging in 2024 including links and discount codes.

I’m a girl with a lot of opinions. I’m a high low shopper, I’m picky about products and I love finding a great deal. This space is where I’ll be compiling the Things I’m Digging 2024 – lists of my favorite products, books, movies, TV, podcasts and more. These are the things I get so excited about that I text my besties because I need them to know how great they are.

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February 2024 Things I’m Digging

  • This Prepworks Prokeeper storage set from Amazon has a bunch of really cool features. You can see them in this video.
  • Nanoplastics and microplastics are everywhere. It’s time to replace your plastic cutting boards with this inexpensive alternative.
  • I bought these couples conversation cards from We’re Not Really Strangers for my Valentine.
  • I also bought us this book that explores sex and intimacy in long-term relationships.
  • Have you ever tried Kefir? It’s a probiotic drinkable yogurt and it’s packed with protein. I’ve been using the Kalona Supernatural Mixed Berry flavor in my smoothies for a nutritional (and flavor) boost.
  • If you haven’t watched Love on the Spectrum you’re missing out on a show that might help restore your faith in humanity. There’s the original Australian version and two seasons filmed in the US – all on Netflix.
  • I’m working through my list of Academy Award nominees and recently saw American Fiction (loved!), Poor Things (liked more than I expected and Emma Stone’s performance is amazing) and last night we watched Anatomy of a Fall.

January 2024 Things I’m Digging

Two Women Walk Into a Bar is a short story by Cheryl Strayed that you can read in an hour or so. It’s about her relationship with her mother-in-law, specifically at the end of her life, and it was beautiful and touching.

Comrad Socks – I’ve been wearing Comrad’s compression socks on flights for years and they’ve come out with a bunch of new products that I’ve been testing out. I love their compression socks for travel, their athletic socks for workouts and slipper socks for hanging around the house. Check out my new unboxing video.

I’ve tried a LOT of different products to cover my grey roots between hair appointments, and this Calista Embellish Root Touch Up Powder is my current favorite. It’s a powder so it isn’t messy and it also absorbs oil (like a dry shampoo). And it’s easy to travel with because it’s not a liquid. In this video, I’m testing the shade dark brown.

Blender Bombs – I love smoothies and I love Blender Bombs so much that in 2023 I invested in the company (and I’m expecting BIG things from them.) Blender Bombs are pre-portioned nuggets of nuts, seeds, and superfoods that you can drop into your blender (along with fruit, greens and liquid) to turn your smoothie into a meal. You can buy them directly, from Amazon or at Whole Foods. Check out my full review.

Sleepy Tie – Do you need a specialized $30 silk scrunchie? If you have medium to long hair and want to preserve your blowouts you just might. Watch me demo it HERE.

Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones is a four-part Netflix documentary series that looks at areas of the world that have a high propensity of centegenarians (people who live to be over 100). And they aren’t just living, they’re thriving. Some of what they are doing will surprise you.

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