Grownup Dish unbiased review of MeUndies underwear and lounge wear |

Tried It – MeUndies Underwear Review for Grownups

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Here’s a gift idea that keeps on giving: an underwear subscription from MeUndies. I got one for my husband and added on a pair for myself because they’re do dang cute. Every month we get to pick a new pair (and when we receive them, we throw one old pair out). Good plan, eh? No more wearing sad, old underwear that is falling apart.

Note: You do not HAVE to sign up for an ongoing subscription. You can place a one-time order. But the subscription is significantly cheaper (up to 30% off) and you can pause or stop it at any time. And, you can add to it. So, when I saw that we could have matching purple raccoons doing karate underwear — how was I supposed to resist? it’s the perfect his-and-hers ensemble.

MeUndies Underwear Subscription – How It Works

Pick the style of your choice. There are lots of options ranging from thongs to boy shorts to bikinis. For men you get the usual suspects (boxers, briefs, with and without fly.) Paul likes the mens boxer brief and I like the womens bikini but you can switch it up at any time.

You can log into your account and pick the print/style that you like. MeUndies sends a reminder message about a week before your order ships. (I have no idea what happens if you forget to make a selection, because I always log in and pick out what I want to order.)

MeUndies Review

I’ve been really impressed with the MeUndies quality. They’re super duper soft (I mean CRAZY soft) and they hold up through lots of washes. I like the wild prints but they also come in solids. And there are lots of styles ranging from thongs to briefs (loungewear too)! Shipping is free and there’s a generous return policy if you don’t love what you order.

Honestly I was only intending to do the subscription for a couple of months, but I haven’t stopped yet because I’m kind of hooked. I love getting a new package every month and I’ve been very very happy with everything we have purchased.

Grownup Dish unbiased review of MeUndies underwear and lounge wear |

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Grownup Dish unbiased review of MeUndies underwear and lounge wear |

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