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After 30 years in marketing, I’m a sucker for a compelling commercial. So, when I tripped over this online ad for Dropps laundry detergent, it made me laugh AND it raised some compelling points. I was eager to try it out.

But first, a little backstory.  My fiancee worked for Procter & Gamble for over 25 years. I spent 20+ years living in Cincinnati, Procter & Gamble’s world headquarters. And, as a (former) marketer, I’m very, very impressed with the inclusive, forward-thinking advertising work I see from P&G across many of their brands.  All that is to say, I’m a BIGLY fan of P&G and prior to trying Dropps we were 100% on “Team Tide.”

But, I found this graphic from the Dropps ad sooooooo compelling:

Would I ever take a bath in Tide? That would be a resounding hell-to-the-no. And, I felt like using a big Tide pod in a small laundry load was so wasteful (and surely not good for the environment.)

So, I decided to take Dropps up on their offer of a free trial. I ordered a sample pack and was fully prepared to be disappointed.  I’m all for finding greener alternatives, but I also like clean, fresh-smelling, soft, laundry.

But, I wasn’t dissapointed.  In fact, I was delighted.

Here are just a few things that I really like about Dropps laundry detergent:

  • No added dyes
  • Smaller pods (they take up less space and use less detergent per load.)
  • Recycleable minimalist packaging
  • Biodegradable
  • Low sudsing
  • Every ingredient is disclosed and explained
  • Pleasant scent (although it is also available in unscented)
  • Not expensive. We’re paying $16 every 4 months for 64 pods which is $.25 a load. That’s comparable to what we were paying for Tide pods (buying them in bulk via Costco or Amazon.)

Bottom line: Laundry is far from my favorite pastime. That hasn’t changed. But, now that we are empty nesters, we do smaller loads of laundry more frequently. And while we do have sweaty gym clothes, we are no longer washing filthy football/soccer uniforms or anything that is super-duper grimy. For our needs, I feel better about using a more non-toxic product like Dropps.

If you want to try Dropps for yourself, USE THIS LINK and Discount Code: Grownup15 for 15% off.


I checked out Dropps laundry detergent and compared it to Tide pods. Which one is better? Read my my full Grownup Dish Tried it Tuesday review. |

This is not an ad. I paid for this product myself and have received no compensation for this post.

  1. Kelly says:

    Good review, Jill.
    I am ‘old school’ andvresisted the laundry pods in favor or liquid soap that I can control the amount per load. But maybe I will rethink that after reading this…

  2. Trish says:

    I just switched to the crystal detergent-less balls. I just put in a touch of Downy and my laundry has been awesome. I love not using anything sudsing. Maybe look into trying those down the line and do a test. I was Team Tide with Downy for a long time. I’ll be interested to see how long these last before they need to be replaced. The information says you “recharge” them in the sun after several weeks.

    • jzmcbride says:

      Interesting. I’m using felt dryer balls instead of dryer sheets (which I love) but I haven’t heard of detergent balls. I’ll check them out!

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