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Tips To Help Keep Your Home Allergen Free

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Spring has sprung. That means it’s time to open the windows to let in the fresh air, bright sunshine … and a whole heaping ton of allergy-causing dust and pollen. But just because spring is the time of year when allergies come out to play doesn’t mean we have to let them put a damper on our season. If you follow our tips to help keep your home allergen free during allergy season, you can be sure you’re ready to welcome spring with open arms.

Check Your Allergens at the Door

Whether you see it or not, dust and pollen have a way of attaching themselves the moment we step outside. It’s why our allergies act up as soon as we leave the house. And, unfortunately, those allergens are still stuck to our clothes when we walk back inside.

To keep your home from becoming a mess of pollen, leave your shoes and jacket at the door as soon as you come in. If the allergy index is really bad, you can even leave a change of clothes in your mudroom or garage to change into.

Make sure that you’re frequently washing your clothes with an effective non-toxic laundry detergent. I love Dropps and you can save 15% with code grownup15.

Wash the Pollen Away

Your clothes aren’t the only things pollen sticks to when you go outside—your hair and skin are also going to end up covered in pollen and other allergens, which will stay on you even if you change clothes. So taking a quick shower when you get home may be a good idea to keep allergens out of your home.

Pets will also likely end up with pollen and other allergens all over them if they go outside. So this is the season to start implementing regular doggy bath times.

Cut Down on Household Dust

Even when we give ourselves and our clothes the scrub-down before coming inside, some pollen and dust will inevitably get in. And that’s OK! The trick is to stay on top of eliminating the allergens that do get in by establishing a weekly cleaning schedule. Here are a few chores you’ll want to stay on top of for a space that’s less likely to trigger your allergies:

Remember, pollen and dust aren’t the only springtime allergens out there. Mold can also aggravate allergy symptoms, so keep an eye on places in your house that may be prone to it, such as the bathroom, under the kitchen sink, and the basement.

Set the Stage for a Sneeze-Free Slumber

Your bedsheets have a way of trapping dust and mold, especially when they’re made of material that isn’t very breathable. To avoid giving allergens a place to hide, you’ll want to invest in light, breathable sheets with a tight weave. Cotton bedsheets typically have that as a benefit for allergy-sufferers.

Even with the most hypoallergenic sheets in the world, you’ll also want to keep on top of washing them regularly with warm water. And in between washes, you can always vacuum down your comforter or duvet.

If all else fails, check out my three favorite inexpensive products for allergy relief.


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