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Tried It – 3 Inexpensive Products for Allergy Relief

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If you feel like allergy season gets worse every year, you are not alone and you are not wrong.

Sneezing, coughing, congestion and red eyes are common sights in not just spring but also in fall and summer as millions of people are affected by seasonal allergies. I’m definitely one of them.

The 2018 allergy season has been called ‘Pollengeddon’ – with experts anticipating that a wet and chilly spring in some areas of the country could cause higher than average pollen counts and more allergies as the weather warms up. While regional data shows that Pollengeddon is already a reality for some, trends indicate that things could be getting worse for states not currently seeing high rates of allergies, with effects lasting well into the summer.

I’ve been allergy tested and know that my biggest triggers are pollen, trees, mold and grass.  Given that I enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, avoiding these triggers is virtually impossible.  However, I have found three products/techniques that are definitely helping and they’re all inexpensive and available from Amazon (and at many drugstores):

  1. Xyzal Allergy Pills – My allergist prescribed Xyzal (levocetirizine) for years and in 2017 it became available without a prescription. It’s a non-sedating antihistamine that you take at bedtime. It starts working within an hour (2x as fast as Claritin) and the results last for 24 hours (6x longer than Benadryl.) Having tried many prescription and OTC allergy medications in the past (Claritin, Claritin D, Zyrtec, Sudafed, Benadryl etc.) I can report that Xyzal does a really good job for me and if you’ve tried other allergy medications and haven’t found relief, it is definitely worth checking out.
  2. Xlear Nasal Spray – This product was also recommended by an allergist. If you haven’t seen or heard of it, it’s likely because it’s only recently gotten distribution through CVS and Whole Foods (although it’s widely available online.) Xlear uses xylitol (yes, the sweetener) combined with saline. I hate nasal sprays because no matter what I do they drip down my throat. But the xylitol in Xlear means that it doesn’t burn. And, it’s non-addictive (can be used with other medications, safe for daily use.
  3. Neti Pot or Sinus Rinse Bottle – Yes, it’s gross. But of everything I’ve used to help with allergy issues, this might be the most effective as it literally flushes the pollen and irritants out of your sinuses. You simply fill up the bottle (I prefer warm water), add a saline packet and then lean over the sink and squirt the bottle up one nostril while you breathe out. Do not forget the saline packet as it stings if you use plain water.The first time seems scary but as long as you forcefully breathe out as you squeeze the bottle, the liquid will simply flush through one side of your nose and run out the other. If you’re super congested the worst case is that it will run out the same nostril that you started with. It should not run down the back of your throat.  If it does, you’re doing it wrong. I was considering taping a video to show you how it works but (thankfully) I found one on YouTube so I will spare myself the embarrassment.


This is not an ad. I paid for these products myself and have received no compensation for this post.  Also, I’m not a physician and your results may vary. Please check with your doctor before taking any new medications.


Allergy Relief

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