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November 2023 Grownup Dish Newsletter

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Feast your eyes on the November 2023 Grownup Dish newsletter where I’m sharing a bunch of new recipes, a recap of my recent trip to Europe and a plethora of new things I’m digging.

  • I’m working on my annual holiday gift guide. I feel like every year I see these getting published earlier and earlier but I’m shooting for the end of November.
  • Black Friday sales are coming. I know BeautyCounter is going to do something big, but I don’t know what it is yet. For now I’d suggest taking a look at the holiday sets and getting your wish lists ready.
  • Whenever I ask my husband where he wants to go for dinner, he picks North Italia. I recently recreated their kale salad (which is absolutely delicious!) You can check out the recipe and video HERE.
  • This date bark has been blowing up the internet so I had to check it out. It tastes like a Snickers Bar but it’s much healthier (and super easy to make.)
  • Speaking of easy to make, if you like caramel, you’ll love this dairy-free caramel recipe. I love to dip apples in it or put a tablespoon in my morning coffee.
  • I recently posted two new soup recipes and they are both winners: Pasta Fagioli (made entirely with pantry staples) and a healthy-ish Loaded Potato Soup that was so good that we ate a whole pot of it in 24 hours!
  • If you hate cleaning the toilet (and who doesn’t), check out these cleaning tablets from Blueland. You can check out my review and use my link to get the best deal.
  • Be sure to scroll down for Things I’m Digging including new products and a new batch of book, movie and TV picks.

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