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Grownup Dish September 2023 Newsletter

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In the Grownup Dish September 2023 newsletter, I’m (finally) sharing the story of how my life changed in an instant nine years ago. You’ll also find an update on my first foray working with a nutritionist, some fabulous fall recipes, a new line of non-toxic zero-waste cleaning products I’ve been testing and some terrific new products I’ve been digging.

Nine years ago, I ventured out on a bike ride with a friend. Little did I know that I would end up wrecking my brand new bike and breaking both arms. Thankfully I fully recovered, but breaking bones in your 50’s is no joke. I ended up having multiple surgeries and spending about a year in chronic pain. I’m sharing the details as well as what I learned about coping with pain. Warning: there are some gross photos of my scars.


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