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Grownup Dish August 2023 Newsletter

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We’ve still got a few weeks of summer left and you should definitely check out the Grownup Dish August 2023 Newsletter where I’m sharing the best summer recipes I’ve had on repeat:

  • This summer peach and corn salad is to die for. You can add grilled halloumi cheese or some rotisserie chicken to make it a complete (and filling) meal.
  • I grew up in Florida so I know a good key lime pie and this authentic recipe only requires four ingredients.
  • If you’re not grilling your corn, you’re doing it wrong (yup, I said it!) This is my go-to method all summer because it’s easy, delicious and NO MESS!
  • When I first met my husband, we bonded over our shared love of oatmeal cookies (in a chocolate chip world). This recipe is different than the traditional oatmeal raisin variety and it’s super buttery and delicious. 
  • Bring this Deviled Egg Dip to your next potluck or BBQ with some crackers and veggies and folks will be fighting over it. 

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