Locals and tourists all across the country stop by farmers markets for local and unique goods. Here are the best farmers markets to visit in the USA. | www.grownupdish.com

Best Farmers Markets Worth Visiting in the USA

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Few things make me happier than heading to the farmers market. You never know what you’ll find, and you never leave disappointed. The local vendors, connections, and selections always amaze me, and I love meeting the growers and filling my kitchen and home with handpicked local produce and flowers. I’ve visited farmers markets all over the world and I’ve compiled a list of the best farmers markets worth visiting in the USA

Your Local Farmers Market!

First things first. If you haven’t researched YOUR local farmers markets, you’re really missing out. It’s one of the first things I do when I move or when I visit a new city. Here in Denver I’m lucky because we are walking distance from the Highlands Farmer’s Market and just a few miles (by car or bike trail) from the Cherry Creek Farmers Market, The Union Station Farmers Market and the Pearl Street Farmers Market. And if I feel like a road trip, the Boulder Farmer’s Market is one of the best in the country. I love having options!

Pike Place Farmers Market, Seattle 

The big, red, eye-catching sign that says “Public Market Center” lives rent-free in most of our heads, and that’s largely because it’s worth visiting. The Pike Place Farmers Market in Seattle partners with more than 80 Washington state farmers and vendors offering seasonal produce and handmade goods. Pike Place is one of the country’s most iconic farmers markets, and understandably so.

There are many touristy things to do in the area, so it’s an excellent getaway for a family or couple. Don’t forget to check out the ferry boats! And there’s a great hat shop there where I picked up this gem.

Old Farmers Market Craft Fair, Blue Ridge 

The Old Farmers Market Craft Fair in Blue Ridge is an unexpected delight that ranks among the top five spring festivals worth checking out. The craft fair combines farmers market traditions with local, handmade arts and crafts. But the fair only runs twice a year, in April and October, so it’s great for spring break as a family or girls’ getaway.

Santa Fe Farmers Market, Santa Fe

The Sante Fe Farmers Market makes this list as one of the country’s largest markets. With more than 150 vendors and local farmers, this southwestern market features unique and delicious local fare.

With mesquite cactus honey, Chile Amarillo, and the ever-popular sweet corn, visitors taste Sante Fe year-round. The market also features a nursery with a vibrant inventory of locally grown potted herbs, flowers, and more. 

Portland Farmers Market, Portland 

Hosted by Portland State University, the Portland Farmers’ Market is one of the best regional farmers markets worth visiting in the US, with more than 150 vendors, farmers, and regional artists. Here, you can grab a handful of Italian or French chestnuts or taste some delicious free-range boar and yak. Who knew? During peak season, the market features some of the region and nation’s most supple organic berries and crisp greens.

Green City Market, Chicago 

In the heart of one of America’s most well-known food meccas, the Green City Market in Chicago is complete with locally grown produce, handmade goods, artisan bakery treats, and so much more. The market runs from May to October, so there are plenty of opportunities to head to the city for a weekend of touristy activities. My favorite highlights are the baguettes from North Shore Bakery and elk meat from a family-owned and operated ranch in Wisconsin. This market is an opportunity to taste Chicago in a unique way.

Whether you’re local to one of these popular markets or you’re planning a well-deserved vacation, enjoy the local fare and warm morning sun. Feel free to share your favorite farmers markets in the comments.

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Locals and tourists all across the country stop by farmers markets for local and unique goods. Here are the best farmers markets to visit in the USA. | www.grownupdish.com

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