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I don’t know about you, but I have become so sensitive to fragrances and regular perfumes (and I’ve learned how toxic they are). I used to love them, but now, even if I just pass someone with a strong-smelling perfume, I get an instant headache. That was… Until Beautycounter’s Clean Eau De Parfum came along! I can wear BeautyCounter clean perfume all day without getting a headache, and I know the ingredients are legit!

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In 2023, the fine fragrance market reached $8.2 billion in sales—that’s comparable to skin care alone within the prestige beauty market. However, while fine fragrance makes up a significant portion of the prestige beauty market, it’s significantly underrepresented within the clean beauty space. And so, BeautyCounter saw an opportunity to leverage more than a decade of education and advocacy work to bring a truly clean fine fragrance to the market.

BeautyCounter just introduced five clean perfumes after ten years of development. I am so excited for you to fall in love with these fragrances (just as so many of us already have.) The scents are beautiful and so are the bottles. There are numerous sizes available for home, purse, travel and trial. The scents are multi-generational, so they are perfect for all ages and occasions. I think you will find that they remind you of some of your favorite fragrances and memories. It feels so good to wear fragrance again and to know it’s not harming me or anyone around me.

Fragrance is the Worst Offender in the Beauty Industry

Hundreds of chemicals can be used to make a single fragrance, some of which are linked to hormone disruption, cancer, and skin allergies (among other effects).

BeautyCounter believed it was possible to do things differently. So, they set out to create clean, quality scents without questionable or hidden ingredients. BeautyCounter Clean Perfume boasts cleanest formula on the market due to in-house expertise, and prohibition of over 2,800 harmful or questionable ingredients commonly used in the fragrance industry. These include hormone disruptors, skin and eye irritants, and even known human carcinogens. That’s why they screen every ingredient against 23 human health and environmental endpoints.

While most fragrances simply list “fragrance” as a catchall, BeautyCounter is proud of its long label—with every ingredient used listed right where you can see it.

BeautyCounter Clean Perfume Goes Above and Beyond

  • EWG Verified® Learn more about EWG’s ingredient and product scoring method here.
  • Screened against 23 health and safety endpoints
  • Mindful ingredient sourcing
  • Sensitive skin tested
  • Full ingredient disclosure
  • Leaping Bunny® Certified
  • Advocacy for safer fragrance
  • Recyclable glass packaging

Performance: Fragrances are crafted in partnership with a leading fine fragrance house and top-tier international perfumers. These clean perfumes are high-performing scents that smell luxurious.

Made More MIndfully: Beautycounter clean perfume’s use natural and safer synthetic ingredients to help preserve raw materials in high demand, like sandalwood, which has been harvested to the brink of extinction.

BeautyCounter Clean Perfume – 5 Scents

Second Skin – Layers of sweet citrus peek through a gauzy and elegant blend of white jasmine, silky vanilla crème, and dewy, dainty muguet infused with comforting notes of buttery-soft sandalwood.

Hyper Rose – Juicy apple blossom, sweet gardenia, and tangy cassis cut through a blooming, full-bodied bouquet of Turkish rose, wrapped in cashmere wood for a warm and sultry softness.

Sun Spill – Bright, uplifting notes of grapefruit and sweet neroli shine through a lush blend of rich jasmine, velvety rose, and spicy coriander, paired with grassy vetiver for a freshly cut finish.

Miles Away – Zesty notes of lemon and Italian bergamot bring balance to a warm and woody blend of sandalwood, cedarwood, and juniper berry, infused with fresh jasmine and calming chamomile.

Pacific Dreams – A sparkling blend of lemon and bergamot brings a warm and sunny sweetness to the salty aroma of marine accords elevated by fresh Egyptian jasmine, crisp musk, and grounding cedarwood.

Best Scents for Men and Teens

These fragrances aren’t just for women. Both Pacific Dreams and Miles Away have more gender neutral notes and are enjoying popularity among both genders. Pacific Dreams has become a teen favorite.

How To Save Money on BeautyCounter

Beautycounter has lots of sales and promotions, plus I often offer a gift with purchase. New customers can save 20% with code CLEANFORALL20 when you shop with my link. You can always message me to find the current offer. I’ll always try to save you money! Plus, make sure you’re singed up for my monthly clean beauty newsletter where I share the latest products and offers.

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