3 Dessert Ideas For Your Next Party

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Whether you’re throwing a shower, a brunch or a holiday party, you need a fabulous dessert. And today I’m sharing three of my favorite party dessert ideas; all them are sure to please your guests. While other meal courses are important, dessert is the most memorable. This Is why it is saved for last.

From fruit baskets to puffs oozing with rich chocolate, there are a wide variety of tastes to explore. Before you pick out your desserts, consider the theme of your party. If it’s a brunch or daytime gathering, buttermilk apple cake would be a hit. Also, be aware of the dietary restrictions of your guests so you can provide their preferred options. If you have been wondering what to serve at your next party, here are three dessert options or ideas that will surely stun your guests.

1. Key Lime Pie

Make your celebration sweeter by embracing this classic dessert. Key Lime Pie embodies the sumptuous matrimony of tart limes and a buttery crust, all topped with pillowy sugar-free whipped cream.  With its blend of flavors and textures, it is definitely going to be a favorite among the young and old. If you are making it yourself, it is a fairly simple recipe that you can whip up before your guests arrive. You can garnish the top with mint leaf or crushed almonds.

2. The Best Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

The BEST dark chocolate cupcake recipe! It's over-the-top delicious and can be made with gluten-free or all purpose flour. Top with whipped cream or your favorite frosting. | www.grownupdish.com

These dark chocolate cupcakes are gluten-free (but you’d never know it.) And it’s such a versatile recipe as you can change the toppings, add fillings and try your hand at fancy decorating. You can also use the same batter to make a traditional cake. I also enjoy this German chocolate cake recipe from PreppyKitchen.

3. One Pot French Yogurt Cake

Delicious French yogurt cake is so easy kids can make it. Almost everything gets measured in the yogurt pot & there are endless variations. | www.grownupdish.com

The taste of fresh lemons in a moist sponge cake is a dream in dessert paradise. I love baked goods but I don’t like the mess and the lack of measurement flexibility with baking. That’s why I was so intrigued when I saw a TikTok video by @condimentclaire for a gateau au yauort — an easy, no measure, one pot french yogurt cake.

This is a popular cake in France that many kids make for their friends. You don’t need any measuring cups. You start with a small pot of yogurt and then you use the yogurt cup/pot to measure the rest of the ingredients. It’s a very forgiving recipe because it basically works off a ratio. And it’s also very flexible.

Being a good host means giving your guests the best. With these dessert ideas, your party will become the talk of town.


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