The CBD market is full of options, but it can feel overwhelming if you don’t have a bit of background. Here, I go over the top-selling CBD products. |

5 Top-Selling CBD Products and Their Uses

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I’ve previously written about what CBD is, how you can consume it, and the legal parameters surrounding it. But now I want to discuss the types of products you can purchase and how they might benefit you. We know that CBD offers several benefits for sleep, chronic pain, and anxiety. Now let’s open the door to what might be best for you regarding consumption. Here are the 5 top-selling CBD products and their uses.


CBD oil is one of the most common CBD products you can utilize. It’s derived from a type of CBD extraction method that extracts oil from the Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa plant. CBD oil does not contain THC, which is the chemical in charge of psychoactive effects. Dosages vary based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Generally, you drop the recommended number of drops under your tongue and let it sit for up to 60 seconds before swallowing. It may help with chronic pain and joint inflammation and reduce anxiety.


A CBD gummy is something your body must metabolize before the CBD can begin delivering its benefits. I mention this because not many people are aware of this fact, so they may become impatient after consuming a gummy. Another core element to a gummy is that it can contain extra vitamin compounds such as vitamin D3 and B12, depending on the manufacturer.

Typically, gummies are best in single-serving doses of 10mg. Containing no THC, they may provide pain relief and sleep aid.

Soft Gels

A CBD product that people don’t discuss enough is soft gels. These typically contain 25mg of CBD per a single gel capsule, and there are roughly 30 capsules in a container. Of course, this can vary based on what you buy. An advantage to a soft gel is it’s consumable in the same way you would take any other vitamin or pain relief pill.

It’s important to note that these capsules are usually not vegan or vegetarian friendly due to the ingredients. So if you’re looking for something vegan friendly, consider another option.

Topical Salve

If you love a good workout but don’t love the aftermath of sore muscles and achy joints, consider a CBD topical salve, which delivers its properties through the skin. These are great because they combine essential oils and botanical extracts with CBD compounds. A topical salve is also better at reducing localized pain in sore muscles or joints. Read the whole ingredients list to ensure there are no allergen risks.

Body Lotion

One of my favorite top-selling CBD products is a body lotion, which is similar to a salve. Many lotions are combinations of coconut oils, shea butter, and natural fragrances. They’re also quick absorbing, and who doesn’t love extra moisture? I love to use something with a magnesium compound to moisturize my legs at night. This combats any restlessness and provides soothing relief.

You can try several products, but the benefit of having options is finding what works best for you. Define the areas you’re targeting and see which product may benefit you.

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