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Easy Ways To Add Honey to Your Favorite Recipes

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Honey is an excellent natural ingredient that adds a lot of sweetness in small amounts. Though it’s quite a tasty treat on its own, finding new, easy ways to incorporate honey into your favorite foods is an excellent way to discover your next addictive food craving.

Glaze Some Meat

There’s a magic to sweet-and-savory combinations, and marinated or glazed meat is a perfect example. This is partly due to the natural flavor-enhancing effects of salt, which contrast nicely with the flavor profile of the honey. From holiday favorites such as honey-glazed ham to more exotic options such as a honey-garlic beef bowl, the sweetness of this golden syrup dances with salty flavors to create a delectable experience for the palate.

Mix It With Your Pre-Workout Food

Carbohydrates are excellent energy sources when consumed a few hours before intensive workout sessions. Pasta, bananas, and bread act as reliable sources of those carbs, but honey acts similarly, with time-delayed benefits. Mixing a spoonful of honey with a cup of granola allows you to enjoy a tasty snack that serves as a useful second breath for your body when it needs it.

Sweeten Your Cheese

Cheese and honey make a classic pairing. The important thing to keep in mind is that you should pair different types of honey according to the intensity of the cheese you’re enjoying them with. Understanding the differences between light and dark honey will make for an easier time selecting your cheese and honey pairs. Adding in some fruit such as grapes or figs ties together a well-rounded cheese board.

Spice It Up

Hot honey creates a heated, delicious combination when applied to any number of snacks or foods. Mixing it in with some popcorn for movie nights is a great way to surprise guests while leaving them craving more. If you’re a bit more adventurous, consider trying it with ice cream and a side of mangoes. This combination of spices and sweetness is worth trying at least once in your lifetime.

Add It To A Smoothie or Salad Dressing

Sometimes I add a little honey to my favorite vinaigrette or smoothie recipe for a little extra sweetness.

Honey is a flexible sugar alternative that adds an exciting new experience to familiar dishes. Whether you enhance it with salt, use it as a source of energy, or pair it with your favorite meals, these easy ways to incorporate honey into your favorite foods will add a bit more oomph to your usual fare.


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