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I get it, the internet is flooded with young influencers peddling products they don't even use, and let's face it, you're over it. You crave an honest voice who understands your midlife journey, shares easy healthy-ish recipes, and only recommends products they’ve personally tested and truly love. Someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind, share their opinion, and believes it’s perfectly acceptable to swear (when it’s on your word.) You're looking for me, Jill, founder of, and your new go-to gal for all things midlife.


Reality Check: You're Tired of Fake Influencers and Phony Reviews

As a midlife blogger, foodie, and woman with a LOT of opinions, I've made it my mission to cut through the noise and provide the trustworthy content you've been searching for. Focusing on healthy-ish recipes, unbiased product reviews, graceful aging, fun travel, and all things pop culture (books, movies, podcasts), I've got your back. I only work with brands I've personally vetted and truly love, so you can trust and rely on my recommendations.

I'm picky, opinionated, and don't like to waste time or money, which makes me the ideal companion for your midlife journey. Get ready to explore a treasure trove of delicious recipes, cooking hacks, wellness advice, and brutally honest product reviews. Let GrownupDish be your go-to source for all things midlife, as you navigate this exciting chapter with a newfound sense of confidence and joy.

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Hey there, I'm Jill, the founder of and your go-to gal for everything midlife. As a recovering CEO, food lover, world traveler, and self-proclaimed pop culture aficionado, I've got a wealth of experience and wisdom to share with you.

My passion lies in helping you navigate life's transitions with ease, grace, and a healthy dose of humor without breaking your budget. Whether it's whipping up delicious recipes, sharing brutally honest product reviews, or providing wellness advice to age gracefully, I'm here to be your trusted and authentic midlife voice.


Meet Jill: Your Midlife Maven & Tell-It-Like-It-Is BFF

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