I've tried lots of ponytail holders but when I saw the Pony-O I had to try it and let you know if it was worth the $10 price tag. Here's my unbiased review. | www.grownupdish.com

Tried It – Pony-O Review

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I wear my hair in a ponytail most days. And I’ve tried lots of styles of ponytail holders. So when I saw the Pony-O advertised on Instagram I had to try it and let you know if it was worth the $10 price tag.

My hair is long-ish, thick and curly. If it doesn’t look curly in photos it’s because I’ve flat ironed the %$&^ out of it. I also get a keratin smoothing treatment once or twice a year to keep it under control. And because my hair pretty thick, my ponytails are heavy. So when I’m jumping around in a one-hour Zumba class, I am constantly having to readjust or “hike up” my ponytail because it is slipping.

Evolution of the Pony Tail Holder

I started using a basic nylon ponytail holder. In fact, I always joke that I never make a trip to Target without buying another package of them because I lose them like its my job. They’re ok, but I have to keep readjusting them because my hair slides. And I definitely get some hair breakage (and creases when I pull them out.)

Then I tried this new “phone cord” style. If you’re too young to know what the “phone cord” reference means, this is probably not the right blog for you – lol.  They’re available everywhere but I often found that my hair was getting tangled in them.

I clicked through and saw that the Pony-O’s were $20 for two. Ugh. At $10 did I really want to take a chance on losing them? But you know I’m always up for taking one for the team so I ordered a set so that I could try them and report back to you.

They arrived in less than a week. Not exactly Amazon Prime speed, but also not “slow boat from China” speed. I ordered a color that I thought would match my hair.  Here’s a quick video showing how I put it on:

In summary, I’m super duper happy with the Pony-O. It holds really securely and doesn’t pull my hair out or leave a crease. There are a bunch of ways to use it for other hairstyles (buns, waterfall, etc.) so check out these Pony-O videos on YouTube for full tutorials.

As for me, I’m off to Zumba.


I've tried lots of ponytail holders but when I saw the Pony-O I had to try it and let you know if it was worth the $10 price tag. Here's my unbiased review. | www.grownupdish.com


Every Tuesday I try a new product and post a (brutally honest) review. This is not an ad. I have received no compensation for this post. 

  1. Susan Wilcox says:

    Code doesn’t work

  2. Helen Wu says:

    More telephone hair cords here.

    You need to dunk them in hot water to get them to shrink back in shape.

  3. Laura Garland-Hatcher says:

    Code is invalid

    • jzmcbride says:

      So sorry. It must have expired. I’ve reached out to the company to see if I can get another one.

  4. Patricia says:

    I also got the pony-o and at first I loved it!!! Now after wearing for a couple of weeks I’m seeing hair breakage around where the pony-o grips. I like how it holds but too much hair is breaking where it grips so unfortunately I can’t use. And I didn’t even notice the breakage until about 2 weeks of wearing….not sure if it is just my hair texture or not. I’ve not had this problem with regular elastic band type ties.

    • EPKlatt says:

      How often did you wear it, everyday or occasionally? I really want try it but I don’t my hair to be damaged.

      • jzmcbride says:

        I wear it a couple of times a week. I really had no problem at all with damaged hair. And it held much better than a traditional pony tail holder.

  5. Rachel says:

    It’s been 5 weeks and mine has not come. They have emailed me several times. If you’re ordering now be prepared to WAIT!!!

  6. Rebecca Lee says:

    Can’t really give much of a rev.iew because I have not received my order and has been over 2 months. they have been received in my state at a post office an hour away from my residence and yet I have not received it it has been pending there for a week if I had to do it again I would not order again through this company.

  7. Julie says:

    Ulta sells the phone cord hair ties. I’ve been wanting to try the PonyO but I have fine, thin hair so I’ve been reluctant. Most of the people who have done reviews have thick hair.

  8. de says:

    Definitely does not work. Hard to hold open and put hair through

  9. Callie Williams says:

    Mine did not stay up well and broke after about 50 days. I reached out to the company and they will only replace for free within 30 days. I’m not paying shipping for a replacement. The product lasted less than 2 months. Very disappointing.

  10. Brenda says:

    These are ridiculously hard to use. I took to my friend who is a hairdresser and she was not impressed at all. Big waste of my money!

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