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Tried It – Electric Toothbrush Review Quip vs. Sonicare

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Every Tuesday I try a new product and post a (brutally honest) review. This week I’m sharing my experience with the Quip electric toothbrush compared to my old tried-and-true Sonicare.

I have a small mouth. Before you start laughing hysterically, let me explain. I’m not talking about how loud or outspoken I am. I’m talking about the literal size of my jaw and my mouth. After years of braces and extractions, I still have trouble brushing my back teeth without gagging. Prior to trying Quip, I used a combination of the Phillips Sonicare toothbrush and a handheld Waterpick device as my daily dental routine (plus flossing, of course!) I have an older, very basic Sonicare brush that cost around $90. The replacement heads are $24 for a pack of 3.

When I first heard about the Quip toothbrush, I was immediately intrigued and thought it was a million-dollar idea. If you aren’t familiar with Quip, here’s the deal:

  • It’s a toothbrush subscription.
  • First they send you a very simple but elegant electric toothbrush and a holder (which you can mount on the wall/mirror or use as a travel case.) The toothbrush vibrates and has a 2-minute timer, which is the length of time you’re supposed to brush.
  • Quarterly you get “refills” which include a new brush head and a new battery. Shipping is free. The cost is about $55/year for the toothbrush and the quarterly replacement parts. There’s a slightly more expensive plan that includes toothpaste.


Like I said, I thought it was a brilliant concept. I ordered his and hers subscriptions for Paul and me last December. And I really liked the subscription aspect as I didn’t have to remember when to change the electric toothbrush head.

Bottom Line: Sonicare For the Win

But, here’s the problem … The Quip simply doesn’t work as well as my Phillips Sonicare toothbrush. The toothbrush head on the Quip is larger, making it hard for me to maneuver it to get all of those hard-to-reach spots in the back of my mouth. And, after using it for six months, my teeth feel cleaner when I use the Sonicare. So, I’ve switched back to the Sonicare and I’m now using the Quip as my travel toothbrush. As a travel toothbrush, it’s just fine and still superior to a non-electric brush.

Do you have a favorite toothbrush? What do you do to keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean? Let me know in the comments.


Quip vs Sonicare Electric Toothbrush Review | grownupdish.com


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