Products for Grownups, March 2019

Three Things I’m Obsessed With – Products for Grownups, March 2019

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March in Denver, CO is coming in like a lion. After a beautiful sunny 60 degree day yesterday we are having a full-blown blizzard today (expecting 6-12 inches of wet snow.) I managed to sneak out to Pilates this morning before the storm started and now I’m hunkered down and eager to share three things I’m obsessed with.

Three Things I'm Obsessed With - Products for Grownups, March 2019 - unbiased product reviews of Headspace Sleepcasts, Hu chocolate and Furbo dog camera. | www.grownupdish.comSleepcast by Headspace

I’ve been using an app called Headspace for meditation for over a year now. I like that it has super simple (and short) lessons that help you learn to meditate as well as specific tracks for subjects like mindfulness, anxiety, focus, productivity, exams, creativity, sleep, etc.  I’ve been doing their sleep series for a while but they now have a new offering called Sleepcasts that I’m obsessed with. Sleepcasts are themed content that use sound and visualization to create the ideal conditions for healthy, restful sleep. You pick the theme that most appeals to you (think beach scene, treehouse, winter wonderland, a visit to an antique store.) Each Sleepcast lasts 30 – 60 minutes and begins with a short ‘wind-down’ breathing exercise to help soothe the body and relax the mind. Then the narrators (who are chosen because they have the most relaxing voices in the world) walk you through your chosen “scene.” The scenes are super descriptive so as you’re listening and imagining them, your brain is literally unable to think about anything else. And as the narrator is guiding you through each scene, there is light ambient noise to help drown out background sound and really immerse you in the chosen landscape. I’ve been doing these Sleepcasts nightly for about two weeks now and I’m usually asleep in the first 15 – 20 minutes. And, they’re super enjoyable.  I’d definitely recommend checking it out. You can try headspace free by downloading the app or saying “Alexa, open Headspace” to an Amazon Alexa device.  If you try it, please let us know what your favorite sleepcast is and what you think of it overall.

Hu Chocolate

Three Things I'm Obsessed With - Products for Grownups, March 2019 - unbiased product reviews of Headspace Sleepcasts, Hu chocolate and Furbo dog camera. | www.grownupdish.comIf you follow Grownup Dish on Instagram or Facebook, you already know about my discovery of Hu Chocolate. (And if you’re not following, you’re missing out on LOTS of great content, every single day.) Just one (or maybe two) squares a day satisfies my chocolate cravings. No idea how it can be SO DELICIOUS with no sugar, no dairy, no preservatives, no weird processed oils. The list of the things it doesn’t contain is too long to include here but check out this link for all of the details. I’m loving the dark chocolate with cashew butter and vanilla and I’m planning to try their new “hunks” line as soon as I can find them. Hunks are nuts (almonds or cashews) covered in dark chocolate. You can buy Hu chocolates online, through Thrive market, or at lots of stores (including Whole Foods.) Warning: They’re not cheap. But if you’re gonna eat chocolate, you might as well eat GREAT chocolate.

Three Things I'm Obsessed With - Products for Grownups, March 2019 - unbiased product reviews of Headspace Sleepcasts, Hu chocolate and Furbo dog camera. | www.grownupdish.comFurbo Dog Camera with Treat Tosser and 2-Way Audio

I could probably use a whole separate post to tell you how much I love this product. We got our puppy Ruth about two weeks ago but my kids gave us a Furbo for Christmas (knowing that she was coming in Feb.) What’s a Furbo, you ask? It is an interactive smart dog camera that lets you see, talk, and toss treats to your dog from anywhere. Yup, it’s basically a baby monitor for your dog, that also lets you throw them treats and talk to them in real time. We haven’t used the treat feature yet because Ruth is too young for treats, but we use the camera all the time to see if she’s sleeping in her crate or if she’s barking (when we aren’t home).  Furbo has a night vision camera that works in the dark, and you can  also set up the app to send you alerts when your dog is barking. Check out the video below to see the Furbo in action. I’ll post a video on social media once we set up the treat feature.

Every Tuesday I try a new product and post a (brutally honest) review. This is not an ad. I have received no compensation for this post. Check out all of my other review posts HERE.


Products for Grownups, March 2019

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