Review of Solely Jane shoes. Stop wasting money! Combine one shoe base with 15 interchangeable tops to change your look. Perfect for travel.

Solely Jane Review – Interchangeable Shoe

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If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I love efficiency and variety when it comes to clothing & accessories. I’ve been sharing my love of PAIR Eyewear’s interchangeable toppers for glasses for years, so when I saw that there were shoes with interchangeable toppers, I had to give them a try and share my opinion. In the interest of full transparency, I paid for my order myself, but I was so impressed with the product that I reached out to Soley Jane and asked if I could become an affiliate and share a Solely Jane review. That means that if you shop using my link, I’ll receive a small commission. I only work with brands that I’ve vetted and truly love so you can shop with confidence.

Grownup Dish Solely Jane Review – How It Works

Solely Jane is revolutionizing women’s shoes. Rather than buying multiple pairs of shoes, Solely Jane enables you to purchase ONE Classic Comfort Sole base and combine it with a variety of interchangeable tops, (they call them Solemates.) The Solemates slide on and off the Classic Comfort Sole, making it possible to change the look and style of your shoes quickly and easily.

Solely Jane was founded 2020 with the goal of offering a comfortable stylish shoe with interchangeable tops. The shoes are made in China but shipped from the company’s headquarters in Utah. Solely Jane’s website makes it possible for individuals to shop from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

The Classic Comfort Sole

Right now the company only offers one sole, but I suspect that will be changing soon because I recently received a survey asking for feedback on additional sole options. The current classic comfort sole is black, and fits true to size. It’s only available in full sizes (6 – 11) so size up if you usually wear a half size. It has a 2.5″ heel and the front is a .75″ platform so it doesn’t have a steep pitch. You get the benefits of wearing a heel without the sore feet. The base is made of synthetic leather and it is not flexible. If you need a shoe base that bends, Solely Jane may not work for you.

Solemate Toppers

Solely Jane offers 15 different toppers so there’s a wide variety of styles and colors. All of the toppers are “open toed” and two of the styles are “slides” (meaning there is no strap behind your ankle). Each topper costs around $33 but they are frequently on sale. I just bought three toppers for 40% off, bringing the price per topper to around $20. Make sure you shop with my link to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Here are the toppers I purchased:

  • Adelaide in snake and also in brown – super comfy, great support. I liked this style so much I bought it in two colors.
  • Phoenix in navy – I think this style is slightly dressier and the blue color looks great with jeans.
  • Savannah in leopard – these are adorable and will likely end up being the pair I wear the most. They came very thoughtfully packaged with the cute silver buckles individually wrapped so they didn’t get scuffed in transit.
  • London in tan – these are very stylish and they go with absolutely everything (jeans, pants, shorts, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts). But you have to untie and then re-tie the back in order to get them off and on. It’s a bit of a process so if you’re impatient, you should skip this style.

Getting Started With Solely Jane

The best way to start with Solely Jane is to order the classic bundle. This gets you the Classic Comfort Sole base plus your choice of two toppers for $99 with free shipping. There’s a 30-day return policy.

Review of Solely Jane shoes. Stop wasting money! Combine one shoe base with 15 interchangeable tops to change your look. Perfect for travel.

Perfect For Travel

The thing I like best about these shoes is how little space they take up and how GREAT they are going to be for travel. The sole and all five toppers that I currently own fit compactly in the same shoebox and it’s so easy to pack them and change up my look when I’m traveling. Nobody has any idea that you’re wearing the same shoes you had on yesterday (just with a different topper). It’s brilliant!


I hope you enjoyed this Solely Jane review. Every week I try a new product and post a (brutally honest) review. This is not an ad. Check out all of my other review posts HERE.


Review of Solely Jane shoes. Stop wasting money! Combine one shoe base with 15 interchangeable tops to change your look. Perfect for travel.
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