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January 2024 Grownup Dish Newsletter

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Welcome to the first newsletter of 2024! In the January 2024 Grownup Dish newsletter, I’m sharing greetings from Colorado where we are in the midst of a polar vortex and the temperature is currently -4F.

I’m looking forward to a year full of food, fun, family and travel. I bought an all-you-can-fly pass on Frontier Airlines (they’re terrible, but they’re based in Denver). And I am planning to use the hell out of it. Our five-year wedding anniversary is this month (time flies!) I’m still working part-time as a PR/marketing consultant, running GrownupDish and working with my husband to buy/rehab/flip/rent houses in rural Oklahoma. The real estate thing is turning into our “retirement gig” and it’s a lot more fun that what I like to call “real work.”

What I’m not looking forward to? The election cycle. I’m already getting nervous just watching the activity in Iowa and November feels very very far away. Are you also feeling existential dread? One thing I know is I am grateful that I have this community to wade through whatever treacherous waters may come.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten less focused on New Year’s resolutions focusing more on the habits and behaviors I want to keep. I just shared a video of 10 Things That I’m Bringing With Me In 2024. And I’d love to hear about your plans and intentions.

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