Jill from Grownup Dish featured in West Highland Living, a magazine highlighting the popular Denver Colorado neighborhood (published by Best Version Media) www.grownupdish.com

Grownup Dish Featured in West Highland Living

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Meet Mr. and Mrs. August (and their little dog too!) Andy Warhol once said that everyone is famous for fifteen minutes. In this case, we’re temporarily famous in our West Highland neighborhood. The hubby and I (and #ruththecavapoo) were thrilled to be featured on the cover of West Highland Living, our neighborhood magazine (published by Best Version Media).

The article shares our back story including how we met, our relocation to Denver in 2017, the fortuitous events that led to our finding our house in West Highland and the things we love most about Colorado.

Also: Paul’s last name isn’t McGarland. That’s what our friends call us when they do a mashup of our last names.

Big thanks to Leigh at Let The Light In Studio for making two old folks look good. She’s an awesome photographer and a lovely person.

Read or download the Grownup Dish Featured in West Highland Living article below

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