Your kitchen may be the most-used room in your home, but it can grow stale. Here are some fun kitchen upgrades to think about in 2022 to keep it fresh. |

Fun Kitchen Upgrades To Think About in 2022

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Kitchens are essential rooms in your home, but they can easily lose their shine. Here are some fun kitchen upgrades to think about in 2022 so that you can get back in the kitchen and turn it into the heart of your home.

Invest in Smart Appliances

It’s no question that technology is finding its way into every room of the home, and the kitchen is no different. Using new technology is a great way to modernize your home and make cooking more convenient than ever before. For example, there are now toaster ovens that can scan a barcode and know precisely how long it will take to cook something. You can also remotely set a smart oven to preheat while you’re on your way home so that you don’t have to stand around waiting or program your coffeemaker to have a steaming cup waiting for you in the morning.

Paint Your Cabinets

This upgrade may seem only cosmetic, but anyone who has changed the paint on something can tell you it makes a big difference. Different colors absorb light differently, making a space feel completely new. Coupling new paint with other upgrades can make you feel like you’re in an entirely new kitchen. There are many options, but gray cabinets are experiencing a resurgence right now. They look incredibly clean and go with almost any other color theme in your home.

Add New Hardware

Another cosmetic improvement that can add so much life to your kitchen is some new hardware. This can be the handles on your drawers and cabinets or even a sink faucet. Unfortunately, hardware can lose luster over time or even fall off. To remedy this and bring your kitchen into the new millennium, install some matching copper pieces. These upgrades will significantly improve your home and make spending time in the kitchen fun again.

Organize, Organize, Organize

This one may not sound fun at first, but once you get into the process, it can be exciting and rewarding. Kitchens can quickly become cluttered and disorganized. A little bit of organization in your cabinets, refrigerator, and pantry can make the whole space feel entirely new and comfortable again instead of stuffy and claustrophobic. Here is a before and after shot of my recent pantry reorganization project:

These fun kitchen upgrades to think about in 2022 will make your kitchen an essential part of your home again. It will be a place for you to cook and entertain guests instead of just the room where you set down your frozen pizza boxes.

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