Favorite Kitchen Tools for Grownups

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Being a grownup means knowing how to put an easy meal together. And my husband always tells me “You need the right tool for the job.” Today I’m sharing six of my all-time favorite kitchen tools. These are the products that I reach for daily and truly can’t live without. And they’re all under $20 (several are under $10).

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1. Grease Splatter Screen

Keep the top of your stovetop clean and say goodbye to hot oil splashes. This durable screen features extra fine mesh, a non-slip handle that stays cool, and you can clean it in the top rack of your dishwasher. I have two of these because one of them is always dirty.

2. Citrus Juicer

A handheld citrus juicer lets you easily juice lemons, limes or other citrus without making a mess. The seeds stay in the juicer and don’t end up in your food. Look for one that is made from stainless steel or sturdy industrial aluminum so it won’t rust in reaction to juices. And again, you can clean it in the dishwasher.

3. Garlic Press

I never chop garlic with a knife. I always use a garlic press and since we love garlic, I need a heavy duty one. This Oxo garlic press has a large capacity chamber that can hold several garlic cloves at once, a built-in cleaner to push out peels, and it has a very comfortable grip. Plus (you guessed it), it’s dishwasher safe.

4. Kitchen Shears

I have at least six pairs of kitchen shears but these inexpensive ones from KitchenAid are my favorite kitchen tool. I use them for everything from cutting apart a chicken, to chopping herbs, to (occassionally) opening packages. When you’re buying kitchen shears look for a soft grip handle and the ability to take them completely apart for cleaning.

5. Frother

Yes, you can use a handheld frother to whip up milk for your coffee, but it’s very handy any time you need to add a powder to a liquid (adding protein powder, whipping up a matcha, or adding powdered gelatin to a recipe.) It comes in multiple colors and is battery operated. To clean it, just run it under hot water.

6. Mason Jar Accessories

I always use mason jars for cooking and storage and the accessories from Mason Jar Lifestyle make them practical and useful. From silicone lids (that won’t rust when you put them in the dishwasher) to handles that make it easy to pour to pumps that turn your mason jars into dispensers, they have the most clever and reasonably priced mason jar accessories.

And there you have it, friends – my favorite kitchen tools that make cooking a joy. Whether you’re a passionate home cook or a professional chef, investing in these gadgets will enhance your culinary experience. So, go ahead and equip your kitchen with these essential tools and elevate your cooking to new heights.


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