Was my color analysis from Created Colorful worth it? In my unbiased review I'm sharing how it works and my three biggest surprises. | www.grownupdish.com

Virtual Color Analysis – Created Colorful Review & Discount Code

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I’m going to get straight to the point here and tell you that getting a color analysis might be the best money I’ve ever spent. I’m a big fan! Read on for my full review and a discount if you want to buy (or gift one for yourself.)

The older I get, the fewer things I want to own. I’ve been intrigued with creating a capsule wardrobe for a while, but I was struggling with which clothes to keep and what to get rid of. As a first step, I went down an internet rabbit hole and discovered Created Colorful, an online color analysis service. I was mesmerized by these these before/after videos) as well as the wealth of articles that show you how to find the perfect shades to highlight your features. I decided to give them a try in the hope that learning my best colors would make it easier to clean out my closer. Spoiler alert: it did.

How Created Colorful Works

Created Colorful’s process is easy and thorough. Here’s a step-by-step to explain how it works.

  1. Purchase Package. Created Colorful charges $180 but you can save $20 when you use my link and code GROWNUP. You can also purchase a gift card (to use at a later date or to give to someone else.)
  2. Complete Questionnaire. You’ll receive an email link to a questionnaire that asks basic questions about what you wear, your true hair color, and if you have any specific color concerns or questions.
  3. Round One Selfies. Next you’ll be sent instructions about how to take (and upload) a series of selfies. The instructions are very specific and it’s important to follow them. You need natural light, no makeup, and a pile of clothes/fabric in varying shades. I set my iPhone camera on a window and sat on a bench in front of it wearing a strapless bra. I used the timer on my watch to snap the photos as I draped my neck and shoulders in the different colors. Trust me, these are NOT glamour shots (and I never in a million years thought I would share them publicly). But … it is important to show how your skin tone and eyes look against a wide variety of colors.
  4. Created Colorful Review. A color consultant will review your first round of photos and provide feedback. They’ll also ask you to submit some additional images wearing specific colors. This is where I got creative, raiding my husband’s closet, looking at the lining of my coats and even using a towel to find a few of the shades they requested.
  5. Round Two Selfies. The good news is that I was super efficient the second time because I already had my “set up” figured out. After submitting my second round, I received a confirmation email letting me know when to expect my results. Turnaround time is around a month but you can get expedited service for a small fee. I challenged myself not to buy any clothes while I was waiting and I’m so glad that I waited.
  6. Enjoy Your Results. In a few weeks I received a highly personalized email telling me that I was officially a Deep Autumn. The email was chock-full of helpful suggestions about my best (and worst) colors. It also included makeup and nail polish recommendations, a link to join a Facebook group to connect with other deep autumns and links to both Amazon and Target shopping lists that featured clothes that were in “my colors.”

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Three Biggest Surprises From My Color Analysis

  1. Wait a minute … I’m not a winter? Back in the mid-1908’s I took a magazine quiz and determined I was a “winter” and “shouldn’t wear earth tones” so I trotted through the next 40 years buying clothing based on that advice. I intuitively knew that I looked good in darker colors, but my closet looked like a rainbow. And without some guidelines, I wasn’t sure which colors were flattering and which weren’t. As I tried to pare down my closet, I needed help figuring out what to keep and what to donate. Now I know I’m a Deep Autumn and that that cool dusty shades don’t highlight my skin tone and eyes.
  2. Pastels and light grey are not my friend. Grey and light pink tops were my go-to and my closet is full of them. While I’m clearly not going to pitch my cashmere sweaters, I am definitely going to be mindful going forward when I make new clothing purchases. And in the meantime, I’m learning how to add accessories to style my tricky (less flattering) colors. And I was able to ask my color consultant if there were any shades of pink that would work for me, and she referred me to a few “sister palettes” to give me options.
  3. It’s EASIER to shop now. I thought having a list of “good” colors would be limiting, but it’s actually super efficient. Being able to quickly scan and eliminate pastel colors that aren’t flattering is saving me time and money.
Just a girl and her dog #ruththecavapoo rocking her deep autumn colors

Created Colorful Online Color Analysis Includes:

A detailed, personalized email that tells you:

  • 20 shades that compliment your features
  • An explanation of your skin tone
  • Tips on which colors do and don’t work for you
  • Personalized makeup and nail polish recs (U.S. brands)
  • Access to a Facebook community for your palette
  • Links for clothes in your palette (U.S. brands)

I hope you enjoyed this Created Colorful review. Every week I try a new product and post a (brutally honest) review. This is not an ad.

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Was my color analysis from Created Colorful worth it? In my unbiased review I'm sharing how it works and my three biggest surprises. | www.grownupdish.com

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